Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Let us be your shipping sidekick.

Getting started.

What does Intuitive Shipping do?

Intuitive Shipping lets you control how your shipping is calculated at checkout. Our extensive rules-based condition system lets you decide when shipping rates appear to your customers.

What platforms do you support?

We are currently available on BigCommerce and Shopify.

Is Intuitive Shipping available on all Shopify and BigCommerce plans?

Intuitive Shipping is available on all BigCommerce plans. Shopify requires third-party calculated shipping rates when using apps like Intuitive Shipping. This feature is already enabled if you're on the Advanced Shopify plan or higher. If you're on the Shopify plan, you'll need to contact Shopify to enable third-party calculated shipping rates. This feature is not available on the Starter or Basic plans.

Do I have to train staff to use the app?

Nope! Since Intuitive Shipping does its magic behind the scenes, staff training isn’t required. If you or anyone on your team has a question, we’re here to help!

Do you print labels?

No. Intuitive Shipping is an advanced shipping calculator that helps you control how shipping rates are calculated at checkout. You can print shipping labels and manage order fulfillment through your e-commerce platform or a third-party fulfillment app.

The technology.

Will it impact my store’s checkout speed?

Intuitive Shipping has virtually no impact on your store’s checkout page load. Our average calculation time, including SmartBoxing, robust Conditions, and external calls to carriers, is less than 500ms.

Do I have to worry about app downtime?

Intuitive Shipping is proud to state that we have had nearly zero app downtime since we launched, and we run updates in the background. You can confidently activate Intuitive Shipping without fear of losing sales because of downtime due to technical issues or maintenance.

Can I use quick pay options?

Limitations with quick pay services are usually related to customer information and generally do not affect other conditions such as product or cart conditions.

Does Intuitive Shipping offer different functionality on different platforms?

In general, the functionality is the same, however, some of the conditions we offer are different due to technical variations between e-commerce platforms.


Do you charge for premium features?

Nope! We want you to be successful, no matter what your shipping strategy is.

What is monthly billing based on?

Pricing plans are based on the number of orders that are completed at checkout.

Do abandoned carts count against the orders in my plan?

Test calculations and abandoned carts do not count against your orders.

What is ‘Sandbox Mode’?

Nobody enjoys a looming deadline. Sandbox mode lets you take your time getting configured before Intuitive is live in your store. Time spent in sandbox mode does not count towards your 15-day free trial.

Can I change my plan to reflect seasonal sales cycles?

You can upgrade your monthly billing plan at any time. You can downgrade to a lower-tier plan at any time as long as your current monthly orders have not exceeded the limit of the plan you wish to select.


Can someone show me the ropes?

We would be delighted to! We encourage our clients to take advantage of our free onboarding sessions. You can book an onboarding session directly from the app.

How long does Intuitive Shipping take to configure?

Most clients can comfortably configure Intuitive Shipping in just one onboarding session, though some configurations may require more time due to complexity. We always encourage a follow-up session to ensure everything is perfectly configured before the app goes live.

Are onboarding sessions necessary?

They are not required, though we strongly encourage clients to utilize this free service. You will get up and running faster, and our team can suggest additional strategies or features to help set your cart apart. If you prefer the DIY approach, please refer to our Help Center.

Is there a limit to how many onboarding sessions I can have?

Our team reserves the right to limit onboarding sessions if a client is not using them effectively.

Can you set up Intuitive Shipping for me?

If you’re not comfortable configuring Intuitive Shipping on your own or don’t have the time, we’re happy to do it for you. Configuration services start at $499USD and are included in the Enterprise plan.

What is the difference between an Onboarding Session and the Configuration Service?

With our free Onboarding Sessions, our Customer Success team will guide you through the initial setup process in the most efficient and effective way based on your unique shipping needs. Using what you’ve learned, you’ll complete the rest of your setup, such as adding carriers, creating subzones or setting up rate tables, then perform testing. Our Configuration Service still requires collaboration between you and our Customer Success team, except we complete your setup and perform testing.

Getting help.

Can I get support no matter what plan I’m on?

Absolutely! Our dedicated support team is here to help you regardless of what plan you’re on.

Do you offer phone support?

To respect your schedule, we offer call bookings to ensure a reserved time slot is available. You can book a demo here, or an onboarding call directly inside the app.

I have a disability and require additional assistance.

We are happy to accommodate you! Please let our team know what additional assistance you need; we will gladly help.